Working with Pattern Observer

As most of you probably already know, Pattern Observer  is the go to place for surface pattern designers to grow their textile design businesses. Michelle Fifis has created an amazing membership site which offers so many different courses & a wealth of useful resources. Over the years Pattern Observer have featured my new homeware collections on their blog, and last year I gave training as their guest expert on designing for kitchen textiles. It was great to share my knowledge as there is a lot of work in kitchen textiles & it is an area I have been involved in for years. The training includes taking you through the different types of customer  &  the various styles of  kitchen available, which really influences the prints that need to compliment these. I talk about popular motifs, the importance of background colours, scale and lots more. You do need to be a member of the Design Lab  but can read some of the training here.



I’m also now working within the Textile Design Lab offering feedback on the students work. It is really rewarding to be able to offer advice now I’m a little older & wiser! I really didn’t realise how much I actually knew until I began answering various questions . The students are producing some fantastic work, and just like myself when I first started out can be overwhelmed with just how large the industry is & which area to concentrate on. Michelle’s courses really focus on developing their own signature styles and offer all the technical information they need to develop surface pattern collections relevant to their chosen markets. There is also a large community on the forum who all take the time to feed back on each others work as well as receiving feedback from Pattern Observer. As well as sharing general knowledge on all things design & business related, I’m giving more specialist advice on working for the home décor industry, alongside the rest of the team who are more specialised in designing for fashion & quilting.



It is a great opportunity to be part of the team & I hope that my experiences (and time that I wasted trying things out that just didn’t work so well!) can really help others to reach their goals or give them some clarity on which direction to take. I look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future.