Tropical Fashion Surface Pattern Project

Tropical Fashion Print Project

So sorry for my absence lately, I moved house and have been decorating/ renovating my new studio, but that’s another post!. Today I want to share with you a project that I did ages ago, but it is still one of my favourites as it was such a novelty to work on fashion instead of interiors. Although I can’t reveal the clients name, she has kindly let me share these images with you. I’m really proud of this as my first fashion collection and the brief was perfect for me, all things tropical!. The client is based in Mauritius so the brighter the better with the colour palette which made the whole project really fun. At first it took a while to adjust to working at a much smaller scale, but it is really important when you mainly work in interiors to make sure you get this right for fashion. I am used to allowing space within my designs so that they don’t look too busy as wallpaper or curtains, but with designing for resort wear the client really wanted all over prints so that they would really work on any type of garment she turned them into.  I did however get asked for some placement prints so that they could be used for maxi dresses or kaftan type garments such as the fish print below, and then also some neck line prints like the one with the butterfly. It was great practice and I’m now really confident at crossing over from fashion to interior prints when I need to.

I absolutely love the way these turned out, and seeing the embroidery and embellishments that have been added afterwards is fantastic. I have a sample dress on its way and can’t wait to show you !

Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad1758 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad7352 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad16 5255 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad8655 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad365 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad8553 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad1055 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad74552 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad365553 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad989 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad7752 Lookbook-SS14-Tropical-Safari-iPad18