Spring Fair 17


I go to the Spring Fair every year but I had been beating myself up for a while now about going & leaving Jasmine for a whole day ( don’t you just love mummy guilt?! ).  Subsequently I ended giving myself a talking to about how I haven’t really had any ‘me’ time since she was born to pamper myself in any way, even watch a good film all the way through, or any such activities that involve some time out from work & motherhood. I love exhibitions, it is like a hobby of mine & even though a lot of it is market research for my work, it is still a lovely day out. If you have never been to Spring Fair it is held at the NEC and is probably one of the largest exhibition in the UK. There are 20 halls and yes ok,  a few of them are filled with the things that are only bought in volume, otherwise referred to as ‘tat’. However, I am now much more selective about my route through this show, which usually starts with the ‘Home’ hall, continues with stationery and usually ends with the kitchen section. Somewhere in between those halls I wandered through  ‘Party’ & ‘Christmas’ land  which I had never been to before, and was amazed to find myself lost in gigantic Christmas trees, singing penguins & human minions which was rather fun!. Anyway, here are some stand pics of the beautiful surface patterns on show from my favourite stationery brand, Caroline Gardner.



I also spotted this Mathew Williamson stationery range which I adore, his tropical designs are being licensed on more & more products from wallpaper to furniture, and now beautiful paper ranges too.


A stand that always catches my attention is the Ulster Weavers booth. It was much larger this year & they had various beautiful ranges licensed from other brands, among their own collections of aprons, oven gloves & tea towels.

I also met various independent artists & designers and am hoping to share their work soon with you on the blog. I met many talented people, as much as I love my mummy hat it was such a refreshing day!. Needless to say Jasmine was absolutely fine when I got home & did not hold it against me, mummy guilt you can do one!.

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