Romo & Harlequin New Collections


I thought today I’d share the new ranges from two of my favourite furnishing fabric houses, Harlequin and Romo. These launched at the beginning of the year and I just love this watercolour look which is very close to my own heart and signature style.

Harlequin’s ‘Amazilia’ is inspired by all things tropical. Butterflies, huge leaves, feathers, and hummingbirds are all included in this vibrant bohemian collection. The digitally printed fabrics and wallpapers give way to an ombré of colours.


HarlequinHarlequinHarequinHarlequinHarlequinHarlequinHarlequinHarlequin Harlequin-AmaziliaHarlequin-Amazilia


Romo’s ‘Saphira’ is a twist on traditional floral fabrics with beautiful watercolour qualities, also creating an ombré of colours. I love the mustard and aubergine colourway, and the teal , and the coral!. The reason I love working with watercolours is the way you can draw out colours in Photoshop that you didn’t even know where there and really play with the colour until you come to a beautiful result like these.


Romo Saphira Romo Saphira Romo Saphira Romo Saphira Romo Saphira Romo Saphira Romo Saphira Romo Saphira romo saphira