New Pattern Library Prints!


I thought I would have a bit of a change and work on something a bit more graphic lately and less ‘pretty’. As I said in the previous post, designing patterns without being given a brief from a client can be very liberating, and as it is not often we get to design whatever we want , we should do exactly what we fancy doing as ultimately that will shine through our design work . Geometrics isn’t an area I have explored before and although I’m never going to be producing whole geo collections, I love hand drawn and watercolour versions, as well as using them as backgrounds like the first print in this collection. I’m also taking inspiration from a few of the soft furnishing fabric houses as of late and re-working old artwork in to new and more relevant surface pattern designs, such as this sycamore print below which is actually really satisfying when you realize it all works together and you have given work you had kind of written off a new lease of life!. Plus the pastel pink is a colour I have never used before, so these feel refreshing for me to end the week on!.


Thistles Mustard

Sycamore Cascade

Thistles Candy

Agapanthus Geo