New Designs

My new ‘Island Collection’ is all about the cactus & the succulent which I have always been totally obsessed with! It is inspired by the range of fascinating plants on the island of La Palma in the Canary islands & the main surface pattern is inspired by the incredible ‘Prickly Pear’ cactus which you may be familiar with. Not only is it weird & wonderful to look at with its strange leaf shapes, famous prickles,  beautiful flowers & edible fruit, it holds all sorts of nourishing qualities used to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, Colitis & even hangovers! . I’ve included a new geometric pattern to balance the collection (I’m working on a second at the minute)  a textured abstract print,  &  re-coloured some of my most popular succulent patterbs, Aeonium & beads to complete the range. I’ll be launching these as products next (including cushions, fabric, art & wallpaper)  so am in to sampling & colour strike off as we speak, looking forward to some styling & shooting soon!.


LO geo 5 (1)






LO geo 5 (1)