Mekong Collection

I am super excited to show you this collection, it feels like a lifetime ago that I designed it as I have had one gorgeous baby girls since then!. The main inspiration behind these surface patterns is the Mekong river delta in Vietnam, in particular the floating flower markets that trade flowers & fruit boat to boat. The other prints include florals based on the stunning water lilies on the river, the surrounding banks and also the markets on land as well as the local people. I really wanted to reflect a culture rather than just one particular thing, to create a more rounded, unique collection. The designs have just been launched with Chess Designs and I am over the moon!.  They snapped these up really quickly, it really taught me that is does pay off to spend more time coming up with something more unique,  rather than just diving in to produce the type of textile designs that already have been heavily covered in the market. Also to have a story behind a collection really adds value, and this story really kept me in love with designing these patterns start to finish.

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