Spa Candle Commission

 I absolutely love working on new product categories so when this project landed in my inbox I was over the moon!. The brief was to design a surface pattern for spa candle boxes aimed at 4 & 5* resorts, lovely!. The client was already offering spa treatments & wanted a print that would fit with her existing brand yet add something new.  The colour palette was very earthy & neutral to begin with but from the client’s emails and hearing about the designs of mine that she really loved, I was concerned that this may not give her the wow factor she was looking for. So as well as providing more muted colourways I went with my gut & included one that really stood out (3rd option with the blue ground) whilst still including some element of black which was always a must for the lid. Needless to say the client loved my favourite too, showing that sometimes (but not always depending on the client, use your judgement!) it pays off to make extra suggestions & give your client something they didn’t realise they wanted. I’m really looking forward to these launching & showing you some samples soon .