Commissioning Bespoke Patterns

Our bespoke surface pattern design service is a huge part of our business and is an area that  sets us apart from some of the larger  textile design studios.  We love the collaborative process and find it so rewarding when a client has had a helping hand in the design process, so that ultimately they end up with a design that they are really proud of and that truly reflects their brand (you can view some of our past projects here.)

Commissioning a textile design or a whole collection can be a big investment, especially for new start ups who are also developing their own products at the same time. We have put together a questionnaire for new clients (or existing ones!) outlining all the important areas to think about when commissioning new patterns, and which should be included in a design brief we can refer to throughout the project.

Can you tell us a little about your company (include website address) and your future aspirations for your brand?

Who are your target customers?

Can you give examples of your competitors?

What do you think is the unique difference between yourself & your competitors or what would you like it to be?

What attracted you to the Laura Olivia design studio, what was it that caught your eye?.  Which designs do you particularly love in our portfolio & why?.

Is your collection or design going to be aimed at a specific season and is there a particular theme or trend you would like us to build the designs around?

Have you got specific ideas for each pattern design or would you like us to make suggestions based on our research and your design brief?

Which printing process are you going to be using to print our designs? are there any restrictions on number of colours?.

Surface pattern design

Does it matter which file format the designs are provided in?

Can you explain which products you will be wanting to use our designs on?

Do you need us to put your design in to repeat and do you have an idea of the repeat size you would like? (if not we can advise on this).

Are you going to need the designs at different scales or different formats for particular products?

Will you need us to apply the designs to your production templates?

Would you like more than one colourway for your designs?

Have you got a target date in mind for when you would like the designs completing?


This may seem like a lot of questions, but I can guarantee they will arise so always find it better to ask them all at once and keep the answers in one place!. Not only does this save time throughout the project, but it allows your designer to understand your vision, and create patterns that not only fit in to your particular market, but also stand out among your crowd.




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