Client Pattern Library

As some of you may have noticed I have recently launched an online pattern library which is one of the best decisions I have made this year!. I still have a public portfolio , but it really made sense to also have a client portfolio which is of course is password protected. Although a large bulk of our work here is commission based I do get asked to present designs for sale on a regular basis and sending emails with attachments was just getting tedious!. Now clients can not only see exactly what all the surface patterns available to purchase but they can also see what is available for license, and examples of our past projects, all nicely organised in to different categories, and I love categories :).

The library also represents the work of some very talented textile designers, most of which have worked for the studio at some point on different projects. This means we have a really varied and diverse range, and cover areas from illustrative florals to geometric retro designs. It also means that obviously not all our designs can be seen by everyone which prevents copyright theft, which sadly I did experience first hand earlier this year and frankly taught me how careful I wasn’t being with my work. Not to mention the fact that when I create new designs between projects for the library it is my chance to work on whatever the heck I want to which is always nice.

So if you are a client in need of a password get in touch and request your password at

Stacked Teal Orange CR