Since I moved in to my new studio I have loved having my own little creative space in the world.  I am totally guilty of buying things for my creative space just because they look pretty, but gorgeous washi tapes and vintage notice boards with metal bird clips are business essentials right?.  

  I thought I would have a bit of a change and work on something a bit more graphic lately and less ‘pretty’. As I said in the previous post, designing patterns without being given a brief from a client can be very liberating, and as it is not often we get to design whatever […]

  Wow where did the time go? I can’t believe it has been 5 years since I threw in the towel at my full time job, and decided that I wanted to be top of my own food chain rather than at the bottom of someone elses!. It really has been a crazy journey full […]

  It is always lovely to spot your own surface patterns out and about so I was delighted to see one of the cushion designs I did for a client so nicely displayed in my local garden centre!

  Earlier this year I took on a rather large project which involved designing surface patterns for my favourite accessory ever, (even before shoes!) which is of course cushions. Although I have had a small team of designers working for me for a while now, it really was all hands on deck and we managed […]

Tropical Fashion Print Project So sorry for my absence lately, I moved house and have been decorating/ renovating my new studio, but that’s another post!. Today I want to share with you a project that I did ages ago, but it is still one of my favourites as it was such a novelty to work […]

2013 Round up Happy Christmas everyone!  As 2013 draws to a close I am now reflecting on the year behind and evaluating what I have achieved over the past 12 months and what a year it has been! One of my aims this year was to expand my portfolio of products that my surface pattern […]

Rockery Collection As you may have noticed I have just launched a new collection so thought I’d explain a bit about my inspiration behind it. The range is named ‘Rockery’ as it is based around the organic forms of succulents which are typically found in rock gardens and are something that I have always loved. […]

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