Beautiful Bedding


It’s Pippa again! Today I’ve been looking at the new bedding ranges for spring. Expect lots of bright colours and blooming florals as we move on from the long gloomy winter. Here are my top 6 for the new season:

Vanezza for Essenza 700pix

Farah by Vanezza, for Essenza


Flowers by PiP Studio 700pix

Flowers by PiP Studio


Ailleurs by Yves Delorme 700pix

Ailleurs by Yves Delorme


ZIA Q SET by Kas Australia 700pix

ZIA Q/SET by Kas Australia


Garden Bed Linen by Zara 700pix

Garden by Zara Home


700urban outfitters (2)

Romantic Floral Scarf by Urban Outfitters


Browsing through Pinterest there were a few older bedding designs that I couldn’t resist showing you!

700urban outfitters

Moth by Urban Outfitters



Geometric Folk by Anthropologie


700essenza floral

Watercolour Floral by Essenza



Mode by Bluebellgray


700anthropologie throw

Tropical Throw by Anthropologie


700essenza tropical 2

Tropical by Essenza