Cushion Collections!


Earlier this year I took on a rather large project which involved designing surface patterns for my favourite accessory ever, (even before shoes!) which is of course cushions. Although I have had a small team of designers working for me for a while now, it really was all hands on deck and we managed to create 6 capsule ranges of textile designs for completely different briefs all within the space of a month!. Not sure how we did it but we did and they look amazing. The soft furnishings company they were commissioned by has kindly let me us these images of their exhibition stand and it is really great to see how they all sit together and have been included in a much wider range to create each look predicted for SS15. What I particularly loved about this projects was specifying the embroidery details on some of the pieces and seeing these being executed really well by the factory, in particular the birds are entirely embroidered and look amazing!. Here are a few pics of some the actual products, a few designs and snaps of their exhibition stand.

Bogpic1 Bogpic2stand1 Buttferly Garden blueground BirdVinedragonfly4greenground Dragonfly3greenground stand4 stand3 stand2 TropicalNatureRectangletilesoption1stand5
stand8 stand7 front_splashstand6